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Day 4 – August 21, 2017







Final series started by waiting ashore. Little by little, wind turned to south, and started to increase. So, RC decided to send out at 12:20. At 13:10, GF started with 220/6-7kt. It was light, but quite stable direction. It did not increase further, so the distance was in a way too long, and raced 65 minutes. SWE350, Fock/Dackhammar led from the 1st mark to the finish. Imamura/Oshima, and Belcher/Ryan followed.

R6 was sailed just under 8kt, and GF started at 14:40. No Oscar flag was up. Ichino/Hasegawa found a good way to the top mark, and lead to the finish with ease. The Spanish women’s team, Mas/Barcelo was 2nd, and Isozaki/Takayanagi 3rd.

R7 was 7-9kt, 220 again. After one General Recall, 16:02, GF started. Some boats at the leeward end were BFD, and POL Skirzypulec/Czaika was one of them, who crossed the finishing line 3rd. Demichi/Nakagawa finished 1st, followed by Imamura/Ooshima, and Udagawa/Seki.

Imamura/Oshima is now leading now, and SWE Fock/Dackammar, Ichino/Hasegawa follow. All of them sailed very consistent 3 races today. Others are suffered with UFD or BFD. Imamura managed to discard his 27th. Belcher/Ryan is 6th, and the point is still close. Luke Patience – this is their first sailing a 470 after RIO, and Chris is getting married in 10 days time back in the UK. Not only Luke but also many others are here to learn the Tokyo 2020 venue, and this championship certainly is the very good opportunity.

SF and BF also had 3 races each. Kusunose/Tamai leads SF, and Ito/Takanaka leads BF. Their competition is tight, too.

11:00 Warning signal tomorrow, and 3 races are scheduled.

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