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Day 3 – August 20, 2017





113 boats went out for 10:00 warning signal, and after the 2nd attempt with Yellow group, the weak north wind shaded. 10:45 AP H was up and all boats were towed back to the harbor. After 14::00, all boats went out again.

Yellow Group started at 15:10, and followed by Blue and Red Groups. Only Blue group did not meet the target time, and unfortunately time limit by N flag up. This call was in fact good and Blue started under 7 kt, and later shifted to left and weakening. 4 races were completed, therefore, we will move to the final series from tomorrow. Silvia Mas, Womens leading team, commented ‘Red group was the best condition today. Yes, wind was light, but good race management to finish all races.’

There is no upset for top teams, and only 3 point difference from the 1st to the 6th. 38 boats proceed to the Gold Fleet tomorrow, and 21 teams from overseas are included. Still, top 3 places are occupied by the NIPPON BOYS who fight for the National Title. Don’t lose and stay ahead of Mat (AUS) and Lucas (USA, ARG in London 2012) and Luke (GBR) medalists.

11:00 warning signal tomorrow – 3 races are scheduled.

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